Who we are – Where do we come from?

We have recently had a number of queries from members about how well spread our membership is throughout the Province.

  • Do we really all live a stone’s throw from Belfast?
  • Are there large pockets of Ulster Rugby supporters hidden at the end of the M1?
  • Is Larne really the capital city of the URSC?

To answer these questions we have taken a look at our records to analyse our 2015-16 membership base.

So what did we find?

The map below shows the spread of member addresses in Northern Ireland.

Where we live 1


  • Unsurprisingly 69% of our membership lives within approximately 20 miles of Kingspan Stadium.
  • The biggest pockets of URSC members outside this radius are in Craigavon, Banbridge, Larne and Ballymena.
  • The North West has a pocket of approximately 5% of our membership spread across a number of towns around the Foyle and North Coast area.

The table below shows the top 20 locations for our members.

Where we live 2


Where we live 3

Our membership is not just limited to BT postcodes

  • 6% of membership is spread throughout England, Wales and Scotland.
  • We have 10 members around Dublin and the surrounding areas.
  • We have more members in Brigueil Le Chantre, Western France than we have in Castlewellan, Randalstown, Crumlin or Glengormley.
  • We have also have members in Australia, France, Germany, Spain and the USA.


So what does this mean to the URSC?  

Clearly most of our members live in and around Belfast, and Ulster Rugby is based in Belfast, so a lot of what we do, social events and formal meetings as examples, will predominantly be in Belfast.

However, armed with the knowledge from this survey, URSC will try to spread its wings a little and arrange events where we know our members are based, and where we know members will support whatever we put on.

Our first step down this road is the URSC 2016 Annual BBQ at Dromore Rugby Club.

We will continue look to stage more events outside BT6 where demand from our members is high.

Members can also take simple steps to form bonds with other members in their locality.  If you are in Ballymena, Magherafelt, Portadown or wherever and you are going out to watch an Ulster away match in a bar or the local rugby club, put something up on our Facebook group to let other people know.  If these events happen, let us know by send us some of your photos and we’ll give it a mention on our  twitter feed, website and in our Stand Up magazine.