Travelling to Clermont Away Match??

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If you are travelling to the away fixture against Clermont this weekend, you might be interested in the following invitation which was sent to URSC by the pub named below.

Dear Ulster supporters,

In anticipation of the upcoming match at 18th of December between ASM and Ulster. We would be honoured to welcome you to Clermont at the Still Irish Pub.

We are situated near Jardin Lecoq, in the center of Clermont, and with our large variety of beers and whiskeys we can provide you with a friendly and warm atmosphere during your stay.

We can offer you reduced prices on certain beers (for example pints of Guinness at 5,50 and Carlsberg at 4.5 euros).

We hope to create good humoured exchanges between the two sets of supporters and hopefully the good natured spirit of rugby will prevail.

Wishing you all a safe trip to France,

Yours sincerely,
The Still Irish Pub team.
7 boulevard Léon Malfreyt,
63000, Clermont-Ferrand.
Tel : 0473931345
Website :