Ruan Pienaar Contract Situation

URSC Statement on the Ruan Pienaar Contract Controversy

Ruan Pienaar

Both Ruan and Ulster Rugby are very appreciative of the support from URSC members and Ulster fans in general. The last week has once again highlighted that Ulster is one of the best-supported teams in world rugby.

However, the decision on this being Ruan’s final season has now been taken and the situation determines that it will not be reversed.

As a result, the URSC has suspended its online petition exhorting the IRFU to change its decision. The Committee believes that both Ruan and Ulster Rugby are best served by supporters concentrating all of  their efforts on backing the whole squad in the search for silverware this season.

URSC chair, Jonathan Bill, said: “URSC remains dissatisfied with the decision not to allow Ruan to remain at the club beyond this season. However, the URSC realises that this decision will not be reversed under any circumstances and therefore we will not to pursue this matter further. We will however give our continued support to the whole squad. The ultimate legacy for Ruan will be when he and his team mates collect a trophy in May 2017. All Ulster supporters will be behind them throughout.