URSC Annual General Meeting 2015


AGM 2015The URSC Annual General Meeting for 2015 will be held on Monday 18th May at 1930.


The meeting will be held in the Members Lounge in the East Stand.  The meeting is expected to last about 45 minutes and will be followed by short presentation and Q&A session with Ulster Rugby.

The closing date for nomination of candidates for the committee election, for receipt of motions to the AGM and for new club rules is Monday 27th April 2015. (For further details on nomination please refer to the extract from the club rules below.)

The following members remain on the committee for one more year:

David Halleren; Colin Wild, Jackie Halleren, Jacqueline Purse; Yvonne Bell, Ken Arthur

The following members are standing for re-election to the committee:

Iain Campbell, Jonathan Bill, Niki Wild

The following members are standing for election, having previously served this year as co-opted members:

Lynn Wilson; Mark Hunter,

Members wishing to submit questions to the committee are requested to put these in writing and to forward them to the Secretary by Wednesday 13th May 2012. While questions are welcome on the evening, written questions will be dealt with first.

The Club postal address is URSC, Ravenhill Rugby Grounds, 85 Ravenhill Park, Belfast BT6 0DG.

Following the closing date as detailed above, the Agenda will be published on Monday 4th May 2015.

The Club Rules:

To stand for election to the committee, members must have been in membership for six months prior to the closing date for nominations. This also applies to those who wish to nominate or second the nomination of a member as a candidate. Those nominating a candidate must have obtained the approval of the candidate. Those nominating or seconding may only endorse one other candidate. Multiple endorsements will deem all (such) nominations null and void. Failure to complete the nomination form in full will also render the nomination null and void.