The URSC Player of the Months Sept & Oct is …

Jacob Stockdale

Jacob ran away with the voting, with 50% of votes cast


Congratulations to Jacob who has now earned his second award of this calendar year, having already picked up the Player of the Month award for January & February.

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All players were eligible for this award – the choice was entirely up to URSC members to nominate player they thought had excelled in the first two months of the season.


Eleven players were nominated.

Jacob received exactly half of all votes cast.
John Cooney was second, polling just under 21%.
Sean Reidy was third with just over 13% of all votes cast

Congratulations also go to URSC member Lawrence Fisher whose name was drawn at random from all those who voted for Jacob, and wins a prize (TBA).

The full list of players voted for and breakdown of voting is illustrated below.

Vote pie-chart